• Ruth

DIY Faux Brick German Schmear

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

I have been researching and reading about the German Schmear technique for almost a year. I love it and have felt just really intrigued by the process and how it can transform bricks. Last year, I started this blog with the DIY Brick Paver Patio project and although I love the results of the paver patio, I have felt like it's missing a little something. The more research I did, the more I loved the technique but it's also a big commitment to completely change the look of the patio that I already love. So, I found an opportunity to try it with the Mudroom.

When going through all the options for the mudroom refresh, I thought of adding bricks to the design for a touch of an industrial look to my very neutral house. I love the look of real brick and was planning on using the thin bricks for the space since it was just a small strip of wall, I didn't think it would be too costly.

The more looking around I did, I found the HDF panel of faux brick at The Home Depot. The more my ideas developed, it turned into bricking the whole mudroom which would be very costly with the thin bricks (I did a cost break down below). I decided to take a chance and buy three 4'x8' panels of the faux brick for less than $30 each to cover the entire room.

Here's what supplies I needed and how I accomplished a real German Schmear look with faux brick sheeting:


- 4'x8' Faux Brick Sheets

- Construction Adhesive

- Caulk Gun

- Brad Nailer and nails (I used 1 1/2 in brad nails)

- Circular saw

- Jigsaw