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Father's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Every year I look at Father's Day Gift Guides and they usually seem pretty, well, weak to me. They are gifts that I would never buy. So, I have compiled some of the favorite gifts I've gotten for my husband. They are anywhere from the classic Father's Day gift to gifts for dads that seemingly have everything!

Temperature Controlled Coffee Cup - for the techy dad

The Ember Mug

This is one of his favorite gifts he's received, he even got a second one because he loved it so much! (Plus they have a travel mug too!)

The Best Slippers - for all dads

Mahabis Classis Slippers

I know, slippers are lame but bare with me! These are the best slippers I've ever owned! I bought a pair for both me and my husband when I found out how great they were.

Bluetooth Ear Protection - for the DIY handy dad

3M Worktunes Connect

This is one of the gifts on this list that I haven't given as a gift yet...YET! I have heard raving reviews about them from so many people that they are on my shopping list!

Leather Name Bracelet - for the sentimental dad

Custom Engraved Brown Leather Bracelet

Dad's shouldn't feel excluded from jewelry with kid's names on it. This is my favorite men's bracelet that is both masculine and sentimental.

Dad and Kids Activity Jar - for the activity dad

Personalized Time Together Jar

Time is always the thing that is fleeting with children. This cute jar helps to take advantage of the time dads and kids have together by suggesting fun activities to do together.

Portable Grill - for the chef dad

All-In-One Cast Iron Grill

What dad wouldn't love the idea of being able to take this stylish and high quality grill anywhere? It has so many more uses than just grilling, you'll be using it year round.

Whiskey Barrel and Kit - for the DIY dad

Personalized Whiskey Making Kit

There's something about Whiskey that even if a guy isn't a whiskey drinker, he wants to be. If you have a dad in your life that like's to do all the things himself, this is for him. Whiskey drinkers not required.

Weather Cloud - for the outdoors dad

Storm Cloud

What's one of the signs that you're a dad now? Talking about the weather. What better way to spice up "weather talk" than a storm cloud that shows you the weather!

Face Socks - for the any dad

Custom picture socks

Let's finish up our round-up with a classic. Socks. Also not lame! I have gotten face socks for my husband twice and he enjoys wearing them so much! I get to buy this gift for him every year if I want because kids grow and change so much that there's always a new funny picture that's perfect to stay forever on a pair of socks.

Thank you for reading and hopefully the dads in your life will love any of these gifts with a little more unique gift guide. I hope you all have a fantastic Father's Day this year with your families!

Note: purchasing products through my links help support me at no cost to you!

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