• Ruth

Giant DIY Canvas | 1 hour DIY

This project is the center piece of my son's modern Spiderman big-boy room. We painted his entire room a color block of grey and navy with small red accents around the room and the backdrop I bought for his birthday party last year as a DIY canvas.


- Fabric of choice: I used this backdrop off Amazon

- (4) 1x2x8 wood (I bought poplar but regular pine would work just fine)

- (24) 1" pocket screws

- Kreg jig

- Circular saw (or miter saw)

- Drill (and driver if you have one)

- Wood glue

- Staple gun

- 1/2" staples (anything less than 3/4" really)

- Corner clamp (comes in super handy but not necessary if you don't have one)


I first laid out my piece of fabric to measure it's dimensions. As long as you cut your wood about an inch shorter than your fabric, it should wrap around the frame just fine. My fabric was 8' x 6' so I cut my 2 longest top and bottom pieces to 94" (2" less than 8' for the top and bottom) and my 2 shorter side pieces to 67" (2" less than 6' to give 1" on either side and 3" less to butt up against the top and bottom pieces which are each 1.5").

Make sense?

You should have two scrap pieces of wood from the sides that you cut. Cut those in half and at a 45 degree angle like so \__/.


You're now going to drill a lot of pocket holes.

Drill 2 pocket holes in either end of your side pieces of wood

Drill 2 pocket holes in either end of of the 45 degree pieces of wood