• Ruth

How to Build a Stone Garden Border

Updated: May 2, 2020

This year our list of outdoor projects is substantial! The yard landscaping has been the biggest part of that list and will happen in phases. Until this point, we hadn't done any landscaping to the front of the house. We have gotten quotes for the work we want done and it's just WAY out of budget. For the most basic version of hardscaping that I wanted and just the front yard, the quote we got was 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS. WHAT! That was clearly not going to work. Check out my design plans HERE.

The main reason I wanted to make this tutorial is because when we were researching how to build this, there was no information about it. Like none. Usually when we start a project we can find someone somewhere explaining how to do it or portions of it. To this day, I still have only been able to find one video even close to what we were looking to do but they built a retaining wall with a cement base and that’s not what we wanted. Everything we found was either the outdoor garden edging blocks from Home Depot or flat dry stacked stone which is not what we were looking to do.

My husband and I bought this house 2 years ago this month and since we moved in, we’ve been obsessively thinking about how we want to do the landscaping here. Ok, that’s probably just me because all I do is obsess over an idea I have until I make it come to life. It just vividly lives in my head and sometimes it changes and develops into something different but the more I'm set on something, the clearer I can see it in my head.

Here in central Texas, we have a plethora of limestone so it’s absolutely everywhere: on buildings, homes, in the ground and in gardens. I wanted to incorporate it into our landscaping at our current home but didn’t want the “same-old”.  

At our previous house, we had landscaping done by a great company here in Austin, just a couple simple stone borders with Texas basalt in the beds, basic. Although I did like those, for this house I want landscaping that makes a statement. Something that makes us proud to drive home to every day. So for 2 years, we have barely touched the front of the house. Now it’s time to make our dreams come true. 

We decided on a concept of a stone and metal mixture for the hardscaping. I’ve loved the look of metal borders and one day while running I saw a house with both stone and metal for their flower beds and fell in love!